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Hello and welcome! We are Anne and Chris Davies.
Whether you run a large or small hotel or are organising a hen party or other event, fortune telling and psychic readings are an extremely popular form of entertainment. We provide Victorian themed professional one to one readings. With over 20 years experience, our standards are excellent.

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Service Information

Entertainment Services

We are currently offering our services in the South West of Ireland. We are also available for venues throughout Ireland by special arrangement. We offer a variety of flexible scenarios. From one off nights to contractual work.

A Victorian Theme

We work in a variety of traditional Victorian costumes to create a truly theatrical and historical atmosphere. Many of our costumes are from long established period tailors from London. Our method of fortune telling and psychic readings uses unique and colourful hand crafted equipment.

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Fortune Telling

Fortune telling is a quick insight into past present and future events and is a light hearted form of entertainment. Ranging from 5 to 10 minutes this service is a traditional fairground attraction and highly entertaining and a great bit of craic!

Psychic Readings

Psychic readings are generally a longer experience lasting up to 30 minutes and are seen as a slightly more serious affair. Offering more in depth information and always exciting, a tradition of verbal communication passed down through generations.

Profile Information

Professional Entertainers It's In Our Blood

Originally from the UK, we both come from a long line of professional entertainers and psychics. We consider ourselves to be the best in our field. We have worked throughout Ireland and the UK at all types of venues from street performance to fairs, festivals and hotels. We have also designed and currently run several cutting edge psychic websites as well as offering individual private appointments.

Anne and Chris are our stage/ middle names.

 Psychic Readings Ireland By Anne

Anne Davies

I can boast of an unusual and interesting background of entertainers, theater actresses, aeroplane wing-walkers and having Grandparents who were in the first Jazz band to be allowed to enter and perform in the Soviet Union. Also related to a famous Welsh poet and author W.H Davies, I have strong roots in the world of entertainment.
Psychic reading is my passion and I do not take my role as a psychic reader lightly. I continually study to enhance my abilities and aim to approach clients with compassion and understanding, providing the best possible reading experience.
Anne Davies

Anne Davies Psychic Entertainer

Psychic Reading In Ireland By Chris

Chris Davies

I come from a long line of professional psychic readers. I can trace my ancestry of psychic reading back through generations. My Great Grandmother, Grandmother, three Aunties, Mother and Brother were all professional psychic mediums. Many of them were also stage performers and musicians, and continue to be. I am the latest addition to the family line. I love music and the arts but more than anything I enjoy the practice of psychic reading. I feel drawn to this way of life and I can't envisage ever doing anything different, I am always gaining new knowledge of this ancient craft.
Chris Davies

Chris Davies Psychic Entertainer

Real Psychics Of Testable Quality

We pride ourselves on being the genuine article. We have studied the subjects of shamanism, parapsychology and divination for many years. Unlike many psychics and fortune tellers we don't rely solely on using intuition, ours is a knowledge based system that anyone with true dedication could learn because it is based on known shamanic principles with intuition applied. The method we use employs a symbolic language which has its roots in accepted divination techniques. We have learnt this language and can be tested at any time to offer proof, there is no room left for doubt.

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Artists And Craftsmen

Our system of divination is not a mass produced product which was purchased. We hand crafted our tools from ash wood during our years of study, this stands as testament to our perseverance. All genuine psychic readers and fortune tellers would craft their own tools for psychic divination work. The design, theory and methodology behind our work means our tools of the trade are best described as shamanic.

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Experienced Musicians

As experienced percussionists music is a component of our whole entertainment experience and we often use drumming where the situation is fitting, it can add to the overall feeling of an event. It can be popular and make for a memorable occasion.

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A Short Overview Of Our Services

Our Other Websites

Visit our other two websites to see the products and services we offer and to learn more about us.

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Business Information

Here Are Our Service Options.

We offer a wide range of flexible options from large to small events. Hen parties, hotels and corporate events.

Contract Options



One Off Dates

  • Rates Vary Due To Location And Individual Requirements. Prices Provided On Application.

Self Employed Contract  

  • We Are Able To Offer A Variety Of Scenarios For Different Businesses. Please Contact Us For Details.

Employed Contract  

  • As In-House Entertainers We Offer An Excellent Service With A Professional Approach. Negotiable Contracts.

Our Advertising

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Promotional Material

We offer a range of quality promotional advertising material. Wall posters and desktop material are available to inform our customers of our service. There are possible options to customize any material further to meet your requirements. Our material does not carry our company website details or contact information.

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Desktop Promotion

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Appointment Cards

We provide appointment cards so that it is easy to organize the booking schedule. Date, time and reader details are shown. The appointment cards also make a simple and attractive desktop advertising addition or alternative.

Appointment Form

We include a simple form to keep track of appointments.

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Easily Arrange Appointment Bookings


Professional psychic readers and fortune tellers from the UK. Experienced at delivering a high quality service. The highest standard available.


You wont find anything quite like our service anywhere else. A totally original approach to an ancient tradition using artistically hand crafted equipment.


We provide our customers with intriguing and engaging entertainment. Our customers satisfaction is of paramount importance to us.


We offer a truly tailored service to fit your requirements. Large or small venues, one off or long term arrangements. A range of services and time scale options.

Contact Information

Shall We Discuss This Further?

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your entertainment requirements. Please contact us for further information and bookings.

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